Sea Turtle Season

May 1 - Oct. 1


Here are a few simple things you can do to help increase the sea turtle population:

  • use red tissue paper over any flashlights used 
  • keep seaward lights off
  • each evening, flatten sandcastles and fill holes from your fun at the beach
  • If you find an injured or stranded sea turtle call 888-404-FWCC 

Florida Coastal Conservancy

Turtle Nests


Please do not allow pets and children close to a marked nest.  Dogs can hear hatchlings and will dig them up.  Turtle nests are strictly off-limits.

Marked nests will have corner stakes and yellow tape around them and will be covered with a piece of heavy wire.  They are protected by Federal law and anyone interfering with the nest, the adults or the hatchlings will be prosecuted. 

Leave No Trace


  • All personal items must be removed from the beach no later than one hour after sunset
  • Bonfires are permissible, but must not be within 100 feet of any structure, and all remnants must be extinguished and removed from the beach that same day. 
  • Please remember to use plastic or aluminum when enjoying the beach. Take all trash with you when you leave each day.
  • Removing sand from our beach is illegal.
  • Gulf County Ordinance

Why It Matters


Nesting mama turtles and hatchlings can get tangled in items left on the beach. Less than one percent of sea turtles survive until adulthood.   We have to give them every advantage possible.  Please learn all you can to help these beautiful creatures survive.   Share what you know to others on the beach:  knowledge is power!

Make a Difference

  • Remove all beach equipment each evening
  • Use turtle safe flashlights on the beach at night (red lights)
  • Flatten sand sculptures made while enjoying the beach
  • Clean up bonfire areas 
  • Don't touch turtles, nests, or hatchlings
  • Use fabric totes rather than plastic bags

The Results


Hatchlings will make their journey to the sea safely.   If we do everything we can do today to help the turtles of tomorrow, then we've made a positive impact.   Be sure to visit the Forgotten Coast Sea Turtle Center @ George Core Park.

Follow turtles @ Satellite turtle tracking