Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a cabana?

Cabanas provide much more shade than a beach umbrella.  They are durable and created for the harsh beach environment.   Our cabanas will not need to be moved to provide shade; in fact we ask you NOT to move our cabanas.   In the event that you need the placement changed, please call us and we will take care of that for you.

What if there is inclement weather?

In the event of a hurricane, your money will be completely refunded.   We are not able to refund money due to rain during your stay. 

If it is storming in the morning, set up will be delayed until the storm passes.

If a strong storm pops up during the day, we ask that you please be sure chairs are under cabana, remove footrests & place them behind the chairs.  

Pick up services will continue at sunset.

In the event of strong winds (over 15 mph) we will have to remove cabanas from the beach.  Not only do we not want to lose our cabanas but we definitely don't want anyone to get hurt if a cabana happened to become unsecured.

Why do you setup and pickup daily?

We follow Gulf County's "Leave No Trace" ordinance as our guiding principle.   It would be much easier to leave beach items out, but that is not good for our environment.   Our beautiful beaches provide  homes to all kinds of wildlife.   Sea turtles nesting season is May 1 thru October 31.  These creatures struggle to crawl on the sand, as their bodies are heavy and they have flippers rather than arms and legs.  Obstacles left on the beach are sometimes the difference between nesting or not.   We also are home to many other critters, many of which you would not want to make a home in your beach  gear including beach mice, snakes, and skunks.  Last but not least, we certainly do not want any of our items washed away to add pollution to our beautiful oceans.

Why do you charge taxes and fees?

We're sorry to have to add taxes and fees, but in Florida we are required by law to charge you Sales & Use Tax (currently 6%) and Discretionary Surtax (1%).   Our fees are charged from Stripe and PayPal @3%.

Current Conditions

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